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How do you sell therapeutic table to the other end of the World? (Novak M)

Novak M is a Slovene, family-owned and worldwide oriented company with a clear vision and business direction. The company has been developing, manufacturing and providing high-end medical equipment since 1979.

What is happening in the language spoken by only a few people? (CSDTJ)

The programmes of the Centre for Slovene as a Second and Foreign Language provide comprehensive specialist support for Slovene as a second or foreign language and for Slovene language, literature and culture, as well as promoting Slovene Studies internationally.

Why to Creina, why to Kranj? (Creina Hotel)

Because it’s on mountain side on the verge of urban life and at the same time only a step towards your next wild life adventure! It’s a work of Edvard Ravnikar, one of the most respectful Slovene 20th century architect.

How to create competitive advantage with a credit card? (Petrol)

Petrol, the leading Slovenian energy company, is faced with the arrival of the first service stations of competitive energy companies.

How to keep the attention of tired passengers who have lost their luggage? (Ljubljana Airport)

The central Slovenian airport is booming. Passenger numbers and goods volumes are going through the roof, and the number of airlines choosing the airport as their destination is on the increase.

How can one employee handle twice the work load? (DHL Slovenia)

Since systematized and organized business processes are of key importance to the success of a logistics company, the ISO standard plays an important role in business transactions. DHL already is ISO 9001 certified; nevertheless, it wants this area to be information-based.

What is the magic word that sells a house? (Riko Hiše)

Riko houses, an internationally-oriented company, decides for the first time to advertise on the web.

What move attracts the greatest attention? (Hervis)

One of the most recognizable sports equipment trademarks wants to increase the number of individual e-mail addresses in Slovenia through web promotion.

How to sell a pair of jeans outside working hours? (MyTrueFit.com)

Anewly-established company is looking for an e-commerce solution that could functionally solve the challenge of the entrepreneurial idea: to sell jeans in a way that allows for the most efficient determination of the fit of the item bought.