How do you sell therapeutic table to the other end of the World?

(Novak M)

MAY 2015, new web site, more support to sales and promotions
Recognized and worldwide oriented slovene family-owned company has moved its location to a brand new modern building in one of slovene business zones on the outskirts of Ljubljana. New building in a phisical world, new life for business and  perfect timing for a new story in a virtual world, too.


Thorough modernization of catalog-based web-site. Proved high quality and usability of the Novak M products should be evident on each step of the way, each sales channel, on-line including. “All you can think of, any time and at hand, contact us!”


Sodoben pristop k predstavitvi izdelkov, strukturirani hitri pregled značilnosti in povabilo naprej, k izčrpnim dodatnim informacijam z vsemi tehničnimi specifikacijami, za vse, ki si ob neobičajnih urah vzamejo čas za podrobnosti, ki ga sredi dneva nimajo. Samo en klik stran od vaših misli.


After (too)slow loading of comprehensive content in a various languages as a toothing problem, user praise and accept the site. On average, there are more than 10 new e-mail inquiries sent each week, from all over the World.