How to keep the attention of tired passengers who have lost their luggage

(Ljubljana Airport)

AUGUST 2003, airline passengers’ personal computers – anywhere in the world

The central Slovenian airport is booming. Passenger numbers and goods volumes are going through the roof, and the number of airlines choosing the airport as their destination is on the increase. Ljubljana Airport’s web portal can no longer keep pace with such a spectacular development, since its technology and content are outdated. The search for good suggestions begins.


The web portal should fulfil its mission: it should become an accessible and comprehensive source of information used regularly as a common frame of reference by very diverse groups of individual and institutional users of Ljubljana Airport’s web site.


A uniform information-providing system should cover the needs of five different basic user groups and subgroups and an almost unlimited number of possibilities regarding the information retrieval logic. It should offer more than just the presentation of the airport and airport-related services. Basic information should be accompanied by information on airlines, aircraft, and, for instance, destinations. In this sense, a good user experience should serve as a starting point for delivering potentially interesting information in an intuitively comprehensible, functional, and visually appealing way. Despite being user-oriented, the website should also allow for simple content management, friendly to the individuals who, on a daily basis, work with it: update, complement, and change it.


… the website HAS approximately 1.2 million hits a year. Although the website consists of five public web portals and one internal employee web portal, system malfunctions are very rare.