How to sell a pair of jeans outside working hours?


FEBRUARY 2006, Downtown Boston, USA

Anewly-established company is looking for an e-commerce solution that could functionally solve the challenge of the entrepreneurial idea: to sell jeans in a way that allows for the most efficient determination of the fit of the item bought. The company does not hide its global ambitions.


The e-shop should suggest to customers the items that best meet their different parameters and provide customers with a unique shopping experience. On the outside, the e-shop should be a friendly and communicative application and, on the inside, a rapid response patchwork of search, presentation, and payment systems guiding customers to their best purchase.


The added value is in the integration of the smart application, which allows each registered user to precisely determine the fit of the selected item, while special functions allow customers an independent matching of items with personal parameters and an advanced calculation of the fit.


… the e-shop becomes viable and expands its offer to include sportswear. Major e-commerce portals express an interest in the TrueFit technical solutions developed for the e-shop. Yes, also expresses an interest.