What is happening in the language spoken by only a few people?

(Centre for Slovene as a second and foreign language)

JANUARY 2016, in the top floor office at the University of Ljubljana, overlooking Zvezda Park…

It is a lively day, doors are opening, people come and go. It is a daily routine and when something completes, new event is at its start: courses, exams, summer school applications,¬†language certification, Symposium, Seminar, lectureships, books… all and everything in slovene, for non-Slovenian speaking population.


Web portal should be accessible and comprehensive source of relevant information, designed as a reference for diverse individual and institutional use.


Communication with all public and interest groups should be eased by contemporary web platform, supported by as many e-activities as possible: applaying to certification, exams, proffesional tranining, submitting to events, on-line learning and testing, paper and lecture submitting, textbook and workbook purchase, … All informations on the portal should be transparent, updated, relevant, simple and informing.



Site lives a new life: over 100 unique users per day, almost 4 minutes time spent on site on average, 38 % are returning users…