What move attracts the greatest attention?


AUGUST 2005, red&blue sports shops across Slovenia

One of the most recognizable sports equipment trademarks wants to increase the number of individual e-mail addresses in Slovenia through web promotion.


Communication with potential customers should be based on the give&get logic: we address potential customers by guaranteeing them entertainment and visible benefits.


We are looking for a simple, yet very playable and funny Hervis-related web game. A game that hooks visitors. An additional motive to play the game is a reward for a good score: the better the result the greater the discount. At Hervis stores, a special coupon can be exchanged for a financial discount. To obtain a coupon printout, customers are required to enter their personal information and e-mail address.


… the campaign managed to acquire the planned number of contacts in half the planned time. In the end, the actual number of acquired contacts exceeded almost twice the planned number. The campaign’s secondary objective was also achieved, considering that the campaign resulted in numerous people visiting the store to exchange the coupons for a financial discount. At minimal additional costs, Hervis carried out the tested campaign in Croatia, as well.