Why to Creina, why to City of Kranj?

(Creina Hotel)

DECEMBER 2015, new year, new look

The appearance of the hotel is one of the first impressions that we get, when we’re deciding where to spend the night or entire holidays. When we book online (and we always do), website is a part of that impression. Returning guests are the most valuable and demanding at the same time. If they had a wonderful experience, they would surely return. We only need to convince them, that when they do return, they will enjoy it even more then before.


Refreshed design and relevant contents, supported with attractive visual and graphic elements, clear user interface along all the relevant information and contacts to easily book a reservation.


Regarding the field of activities, it is recommended to adopt the constant change, improvements and upgrades of UX. In order to be able to do that, the site should use modern platform which is flexible, simple and easy to use for a frequent change of contents, functionalities and upgrades.


… the site is highly rated and likable,  traffic is incrised due to content and SEO optimization, which is by default supported and built-in in every modern-structured web platform.